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The Walter House at Cedar Rock State Park (Part 2: Exteriors)

Please click here to read Part 1

Part 2! Exterior photos!

There is A LOT to take in at the Agnes and Lowell Walter Estate at Cedar Rock State Park near Quasqueton, Iowa. I had absolutely no idea what sort of photographic challenges, and visual delights, I was about to experience.

Upon finishing my interior photos, I went outside to work on the exterior photos. It's a challenging house to photograph, being built on a high bluff overlooking the Wapsipinicon River, but I did what I could with my Canon EOS R, but knowing I would probably end up relying on my drone to take to the skies to capture the best exterior images.

I am absolutely obsessed with these Frank Lloyd Wright designed patio chairs, and as an avid native plant gardener myself, I was thrilled to see a lovely native plant garden growing right next to the patio, although not much was in bloom quite yet.

After shooting these photos, I walked down the wooded trail that lead to one of the only Frank Lloyd Wright designed boathouses in existence.

I sent my drone up and was able to capture the sorts of views you just can't capture from the ground...

By this time, my brain was just about fried from all the overstimulation of creating images of such a magnificent location, but I still wanted to take a shot at taking some aerial shots of the house itself.

While I had my drone in the air, I caught sight of yet ANOTHER feature that I had been told about, but had completely forgotten about: the council fire ring.

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but probably inspired in at least some part by the work of his friend and colleague, Prairie-style landscape architect Jens Jensen (whose work I am familiar with because he designed the gardens at the Prairie-Style mansion where I was married. , the Hauberg Estate in Rock Island, Illinois).

The Friends of Cedar Rock possess a charming image of Frank Lloyd Wright himself sitting in this very spot, which you can see if you click this link

I have a little more to say about that image, and if you are one who is open to the idea that there is more to the material universe than we can see on the surface, click here.

I left that Cedar Rock State Park that evening feeling absolutely enthralled, energized, with a huge surge of creative energy, and an absolute feeling of knowing that I would be back again soon.

And I did return! Read about that experience here

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